After Hours Contacts

Emergency and Non-Emergency Maintenance – What's The Difference?

Let's face it, things go wrong from time to time in properties. So, what happens when something does go wrong or maintenance issues arise in your rental property?

If it was your own home and there was no reason for immediate concern with no risk of long, or short-term damage to the property – you wouldn't get it fixed as a matter of emergency. The same applies for your rental property.

An emergency consists only of the following:

  • Fire – get out of the property as quick as you can and call the fire brigade
  • Flood – depending on the seriousness, turn water off at the mains and leave the property, if water or flooding is from natural causes, leave the property.
  • Sewerage – leave the property or isolate and cordon off any areas at risk of contamination
  • Natural disaster – contact the local authorities or the SES

Please do not call your PM after hours as they will not be able to help you, we are not the specialists, but the specialists outlined in your tenant pack and who specialise in your issue may be able to help. During after-hours or on a weekend if something unfortunate happens in your rental property and you think the issue may cause or is likely to cause damage to the house if it is not fixed, call the numbers below for the relevant emergency service and they will walk you through next steps.

Emergency Call Out

000 – Fire or life threatening situations

132 500 – SES – Natural disasters

After Hours Trades


– Lister Electrics – 0408414323 – (Tony)

– Appliance Spares – 0419 556 980

– S & B Electrical – 0409 691 787

*If an electrician is called out to a property for an urgent matter and the matter is found to be tenant misuse, or not a fault of the property, the tenant will be liable for the after hour's call out fee. It is important to check all websites for area outages to ensure any electrical problem is not due to an outage or a Tas Network line repair.


– O'Byrne Plumbing – 0418 528 246

– Manion Plumbing – 6334 0617

*If there are any call outs after hours or a weekend for a blocked toilet/drain, the tenant may incur the expense of the call-out fee if the issue is due to tenant neglect, misuse or negligence. Tenants must call the first plumber and leave a message. If phone not answered a message must be left for call to be returned.


– Premier Locksmiths – 1800 620 965

– Tas Lock and Key – 6326 2200

– Jacksons – 6331 7644

*All call outs for a locksmith will be at the tenant's expense.


– Glass Busters – 0412 994 665

*All call outs for glass repairs will be at the tenant's expense.

Gas Fitter:

– Cullen Gas – 6236 1672 a/h

– Grant Chugg – 6236 8780/0400 682 015

If unsure, please check your tenant pack on what constitutes an emergency. It is important to understand the legislation and that you will be charged for after hours call outs that are not considered an emergency. If you call a tradesperson and the event is due to your negligence or it does not constitute an emergency.


Want something fixed?
Fill out the form below to make a maintenance request for your rental property. In line with our maintenance procedures, please note that if for any reason a maintenance issue is reported and it is determined that the call out is unnecessary due to tenant fault, neglect or otherwise, then the call out fee will be the responsibility of the tenant to pay.
Please be sure to mention the make, model and description of the appliance if applicable