Lee-Anne Laverack

Assistant Portfolio Partner to Trindy Hogan

In a world that changes constantly and technology continues to change marketplaces, experience is an essential ingredient for success.

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Lee-Anne is an invaluable member of The Agency Team Bushby, bringing her extensive administrative expertise and entrepreneurial experience to the table. With a career spanning several private companies and public service roles, Lee-Anne's adeptness in administration has consistently proven to be an asset in various professional settings.

Joining our team in 2014, Lee-Anne quickly established herself as a vital contributor. Her adaptability and diverse skill set make her an ideal fit for assisting the Property Management team. Whether she's engaging with owners, tenants, or tradespeople, Lee-Anne's exceptional communication skills ensure that our community receives top-notch service. Additionally, she provides invaluable support to Trindy Hogan, further enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of our operations. Lee-Anne's presence on our team is truly a stroke of luck.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Lee-Anne cherishes her leisure time and finds fulfillment in spending weekends with her loved ones. Whether it's enjoying quality moments with family or socialising with friends, she embraces the joys of life outside of work.

With her rich background and unwavering dedication, Lee-Anne continues to make a significant impact at The Agency Team Bushby. Her exceptional administrative skills and ability to connect with people truly set her apart, making her an indispensable asset to our organisation.


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Dear Trindy & Leanne

Thanks so much for taking care of everything when we first arrived in Tassie. We really appreciated your personal attention and discernment in helping us to not only find the perfect place but also your practical help in getting thru the paperwork. We look forward to getting in touch when we return.


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